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Affordability Is Our Domain

Building a new home is one of the biggest decisions you can make in your lifetime, and at Domaine Homes we believe the building experience should be a simple and enjoyable one. Whether it’s your very first home, or you’re building a home for the first time, Domaine Homes streamlines the building journey from your first visit to one of our display homes, right the way through to the first step into your own new home. 

Our range of carefully crafted home designs offer a range of accommodation options to suit your family, budget and your lot size. Plan options are available for each design which provide further flexibility to tailor your home to suit your lifestyle. Our galleries of facade options allow you to choose the personality for the street appeal for your new home. 

Domaine Homes also makes choosing the colours for your new home easy, with a great selection of predesigned colour schemes available for the exterior and interior of your home, each curated by our team of experienced interior design professionals to showcase the very latest in home design trends. 

At Domaine Homes, we’re also about transparency of pricing. If you’re planning to build in one of our preferred estates we can help you get started with the building of your home faster with our Domaine Fast Track service, whereby we can provide you with an upfront fixed price before you pay us a cent!* With beautifully crafted family homes and a faster, easier build journey, discover for yourself why Domaine Homes really is a smarter choice for building your new home. *Click here for terms and conditions.

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Design and Price Your Home

At Domaine Homes, we make building your first home easier and more affordable! Design and price your new home on our website anytime, anywhere.

Design and price your home
Established in 1978

Our History

The Campbell Property Group was founded independently by Peter Campbell in 1978. Beginning as an engineering draftsman, Peter began building the company from the ground up by taking his talent for drawing houses to the next level. He did this by purchasing a block of land, drawing up a house, building it and later selling it. After taking on a handful of renovation jobs and building a home for his very first client, he soon realised that he could make his own business out of it.

By the early 1980’s, the company was doubling in size each year and by 1991, the company was building approximately 150 per year and employed 30 staff. By 1999, the Campbell Property Group was building more than 2000 homes per year and was recognised as the largest residential builder in NSW and the seventh large construction company in Australia. Over the years, Peter has continued to remain actively involved in the progression of the Campbell Property Group and is constantly initiating new ways to expand the company and its successes.

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Convenient Display Homes

With an array of conveniently located display centres spread across South East Queensland, we've made it easier than ever to explore our beautiful display homes and find your dream home.

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Four decades of design and building experience

The Domaine Story

Domaine Homes, part of the Campbell Property Group, is a family-owned business with over four decades of design and building experience behind us. Recognised as one of Australia’s leading home-building companies, The Campbell Property Group, has provided homes for more than 30,000 Australian families and continues to do so today. Domaine Homes was introduced to the Campbell Property Group in 2016, as an increase in first home buyers and investors were recognised in the residential property market. A demand grew for smaller home designs to suit the current market, so Domaine Homes was intended to create those homes that would be cost efficient, economical and practical for smaller lots. 

As many new consumers lacked the knowledge for home-building, this called for a seamless and streamlined building process for our clients which we continue to abide by. Over the past 5 years, Domaine has proven to meet the heavy and competitive demands of the market; building only 23 new homes in its first year to building over 500 a year and growing by the day. It is a testament that we recognise what the current market calls for and are efficient in creating processes that suit the needs of our clientele.

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Quality without compromise

Our Vision

The Domaine vision has always been to provide quality homes to suit the needs of first home buyers and investors without compromising the design, quality and style all at an affordable price. Although we have already attained a great level of success and recognition, we are constantly striving to curate new innovative structures that lead the way for other builders. 

Domaine aims to build its brand and product in line with the evolving modernity of the market, while also preserving the values founded within the heart of the company. By observing the evolving trends and demands, we are continuously reviewing our designs, products and campaigns to ensure we continue to evolve with market trends.