Design your Home Easier

How It Works

Step 1

Choose A Floorplan

Choose the home design that you want to start creating your dream home with and select any floorplan options that best suit your lifestyle.

Step 2

Choose Your Street Appeal

Choose a facade in a variety of finishes from face brick to full render with feature tiling and watch your home come to life with the options you choose with our state of the art technology so you'll know exactly what the exterior of your home will look like before its even built!

Step 3

Choose Your Exterior Style

Choose a colour scheme that reflects your own taste and personality and select your roof type, fascia and gutters as well as the windows. 

Step 4

Apply Our Current Promotions

Choose from our range of current promotions and apply it to your home for a fantastic deal. 

Step 5

Personalise Your Home

Choose from a range of inclusion options which will make your new home just right for you. 

Step 6

Choose Your Kitchen Design

Put the finishing touches on your kitchen layout to ensure it's exactly what you want. 

Step 7

Choose Your Interior Style

Explore our range of six carefully curated interior colour schemes which you can apply to your home and choose the interior style you like the best. 

Step 8

Explore Additional Lifestyle Options

Put the icing on the cake with a selection of additional lifestyle options for your new home. 

Step 9

Receive Your New Home Estimate

Once you've completed your home and you're happy with your selections, we'll create a personalised New Home Estimate for you, which clearly outlines all of your selections, inclusions as well as the broken down prices so you can ensure your new home fits within your budget.

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The Smarter Way To Build

Design And Price Your Home

At Domaine Homes, we make building your first home easier and more affordable! Design and price your new home on our website anytime, anywhere.

Carefully Curated Schemes

Discover Your Style

At Domaine Homes, choosing the colours for your new home is easy. We offer a selection of pre-designed exterior and interior colour schemes to choose from for your home, each carefully curated by our team of experienced interior design professionals to include the very latest on-trend colours and finishes to ensure your home looks great for many years to come. 

Every scheme has its own distinctive style, and with such a great selection of colours available, you can really inject a sense of flair and personality into your new home. Furthermore, you can experience our colour schemes first hand in our display homes, so you can get a feeling for your favoured scheme before you make your final selections. 

Our interior and exterior colour schemes will help you to create your dream home. Family life moves so fast, trends change and colours come and go. The creative choices we make in our homes are a reflection of our own style and personal aesthetics. That's why we offer carefully considered interior colour schemes which you'll enjoy living with for now and well into the future. 

And to complete your home, we've hand selected an inspired range of exterior colour schemes for your home with three key goals in mind; to express your personal style with taste and sophistication, to reflect the uniqueness of our Queensland lifestyle, and to stand the test of time.

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Queensland's Affordable Builder

Why We're So Transparent

Because we've been around for over four decades, we've spent a long time creating strong partnerships with suppliers so that we can bring you the very best in good value for money. Our business model ensures a faster, more streamlined process which allows us to offer affordable prices on our homes every day. With such an affordable price point on our homes, we're easily one of Queensland's most affordable builders and that's why we're so transparent with our customers. Our Design And Price Your Home feature allows you to create your brand new home from scratch and see exactly how much your new home will cost. Try it out today from the comfort of your couch and start creating your brand new Domaine home. 

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