The best safety device is a careful worker


This Work Health & Safety Management Plan is intended to assist Domaine Homes in providing a safe place of work for its employees, staff, suppliers and subcontractors on Domaine construction sites.

It is an expectation of Domaine Homes that the requirements of this WHS Management Plan is put into practice all persons on a Domaine Homes Construction Site.

Domaine Homes strives to provide high standards in all areas of safety and environmental management. Our company ethos ‘Safety is Paramount” represents the level of commitment it has to all people affected by our activities and we take this very seriously and we expect the same level of commitment from you.

Please Note: This plan must read in conjunction with the Domaine Site Signage, site plans and our contractors site specific risk assessments as they specify the site specific details such, site emergency contact information , site specific hazards and control measures to be implemented.