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Buying Process/27.08.21

How Long Will It Take To Build My Domaine Home?

Thinking of building with Domaine Homes? Take a sneak peek into your journey here.

You’re eager to begin your build journey and get started, but how long does the entire process actually take? From designing your home, right up to handover, we’ve got you covered for what to expect. 

Designing Your Home

The first step in your building journey will be picking your home design with your consultant. Consultations can last anywhere from 15 minutes to 1.5 hours depending on what you’re looking for. For this reason, it’s best to look online at our home designs page before attending your consultation so you can narrow down what you’re interested in. 

However, it’s okay if you don’t get to. Our friendly consultants will be able to help you pick your dream home and inclusions based on what you’re looking for. This is the first stage you’ll be able to make changes to your home design.

Deposit and Signing The Tender

Once you’ve chosen your dream home design, you will pay your $1000 deposit for your tender and proceed into your tender. A tender is a draft contract that’s drawn up to proceed into the construction phase with the home design you selected, at an agreed price. The $1000 deposit will cover fees for drawing up your unique home design, surveying the land your home will sit on and other building administration fees. The tender is also the second stage where you'll be able to make changes to your home design.

Contract Signing and Administration

Now that you’ve signed your tender and are ready for the next and final big paperwork stage of your build, you’re able to sign your contract. Your contract will, in basic terms, outline the inclusions you’ll receive in your home, as well as the home design and each individual cost that equates to the final price. This price will not change unless you as the customer makes changes to the existing plans, and are usually in the colour appointment.  The contract is also the third and final stage where you’re able to make changes to your home design. 

During the colour selection stage for your home, you’ll be able to choose from six interior and six exterior preset colour schemes. These are showcased at our display centres and are available for you to view anytime. 

Construction Stage

Finally your home is beginning to materialise. Your construction manager will take you through the process and be able to answer any questions you have at the time, as well as take you on-site safely. It’s important to remember your home will come with a lifetime warranty, so if anything happens post-construction you’re able to reach out and get it amended immediately. 

First the concrete slab is laid with our terminate protection barrier to prevent termite infestations to the hybrid framing timber trusses. Next, the reinforced steel framing goes up and the house begins to take shape. After that, the bricks will go up and the inside will begin to have walls, hallways and eventually rooms! 

Your facade will be done last and things such as render will impact timing, but all your home design choices will be worth it in the end.

Single Storey vs Double Storey

Single stories, having only one storey, will be quicker to complete. The entire process will take around 9 months including paperwork, or 6 months for the build. 

Double stories take a little longer but have a lot more space. For these, the entire process is around 12 months including paperwork, or 9 months for the build.

Please note that these are only rough estimates and not guarantees due to external factors impacting build times.

External Factors

It’s important to remember that although we can control the build, we can’t control external factors. We understand the weather can be at times difficult and we do try to create a buffer best we can to account for that, however, at times unforeseen circumstances can delay builds. 

When building in estates or areas that require approvals separate to the construction industry, wait times can sometimes be elongated if there’s lots of people submitting. Whilst this is very rare, it does happen at times and should be noted.

If you have any questions about home designs or the construction process, visit one of our display homes and chat to a friendly consultant. They’d be happy to sit down and answer all your questions.