When Enthusiasm Meets Customer Service

Domaine Home's Service & Warranty Coordinator Cara, realised her love of delivering premium customer service through genuine care of our customers. She shares her journey and a story of how hard work pays off.

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Meet Cara

When Cara was a young girl, she fondly remembers dragging her mum to various display homes on the weekend. One of her favourite things was collecting all the brochures and floorplans the associates would hand out and then taking them back home and look through them for hours on end.

So when a position at Domaines Homes opened up in 2020, Cara thought it was a no-brainer for her, and enthusiastically applied. Cara started her role as a sales associate in our Sydney display centres, with primarily looking after the Parklea Super Centre. She enjoyed greeting customers and was completely in her element surrounded by our beautiful homes. 

Building Strong Relationships

Cara's enthusiasm for interiors led her to become a colour consultant assistant and from there she wore many hats in the short time she's been with Domaine, including an Accounting Cadet, Customer Service Consultant and now where she works in her current role as the Service and Warranty Coordinator. Cara enjoyed getting to know everyone in the team and formed many friendships over the last couple of years.

There's no doubt that Cara loves her job, but one thing she really enjoys is watching our customers move through their building journey with Domaine Homes. Because Of Cara's many roles within the company and within different departments, she's been able to watch when clients move from sales, pre-construction, construction and all the way through to maintenance. 

Cara says: 'it can definitely feel like a rollercoaster of a ride, however it's always so satisfying seeing that handover photo at the end. It makes it all worth it.' Throughout her time at Domaine Homes, she's enjoyed the family culture that the company has grown to become. Moving between multiple departments, Cara had the opportunity to form strong relationships with everyone in the team, creating lifelong friends. 

Cara says: 'I'm so grateful to have had such supportive mentors and colleagues that recognise my potential and willingness to learn, which enabled me to grow as an individual within my career at Domaine Homes.' During work, Cara loves the sense of accomplishment when overcoming daily challenges as they arise, making her an excellent fit in her current role.

Embracing The Challenge

Cara's story is a one of hard work and dedication and how she overcomes challenges with a smile. Joining the Domaine Homes team right at the beginning of a worldwide pandemic wasn't easy. With the construction industry ever changing, Cara has had to maneuver through Government grants which then spiked demand for new homes, the pressures on trades and supplies and even extreme weather. Each day in the office presented new challenges, however with the help of her supportive team, Cara was able to overcome everything that came her way. 

'It can be difficult to navigate in a such short turnaround time, find ways to adapt and overcome immediate changes whilst still maintaining as little disruption to clients,' Cara says, 'but with the help of my colleagues and the understanding and supportive nature of clients, we are always able to tackle these unprecedented scenarios head on. 

Cara believes she has grown immensely within her time at Domaine Homes. She's found that she's always been quite capable of adapting to any new role presented to her, however having the flexibility to assist the team where she can and that then being rewarded is very fulfilling. 

Cara says, 'it definitely gives me a sense of confidence and pride.' When not hard at work, Cara can often be found getting outdoors into the sunshine with her friends and family. Cara has been nothing short of amazing since joining the Domaine team and hopes to continue to grow personally and professionally through her role. 

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Service & Warranty Coordinator, NSW

Meet Cara