Your Domaine Home

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Your Domaine Home

Building a new home can be one life's most exciting experiences and that comes with a lot of impatience and anticipation. Whether you are on the hunt for the best builder or you've signed your contract and would like to know each step of the building process, we have included our six stages of construction to give you a simple guide about what to expect during your building process and how long each stage should take. 

Our Process

Stage 1: Testing the Site

This initial step assesses the land you have chosen and prepares the site for building. A surveyor will assess the site and following procedures will be taken to commence the next step. These procedures include soil testing, site levelling, land clearing and the builders will flag the area as their construction site.


Stage 2: Laying Down the Slab

Taking approximately 2 weeks, this involves laying the base for your home. During this process, the site is measured out, the base is poured, and the pipework is approved for plumbing. This stage ensures that the foundation of your home is waterproof, pest free and moisture damage isn't apparent.  

Stage 3: Forming the Frame

Once the base for your home is laid down horizontally, it's time to start building vertically. This next step includes framing and takes about 4 weeks to complete. During this step, hybrid steel frames are installed to lay out the tracks for the floor, roof, doors and windows. Walls are then added, along with pipes for plumbing and conduits for electrical wiring. The frame of the roof is then installed, along with the fascia, gutters and insulation.

Stage 4: Presenting the Exterior

Now that the foundation of your home has been completed, the next step involves completing the exterior siding to form its shape. Taking up to 4 weeks to complete, this includes installing your bricks, remaining walls, windows, doors and tiling wherever needed. It basically finalises the exterior of the house so that the following steps attend to the inside.  

Stage 5: Fitting the Interior

This next step attends to the inside of your home by installing amenities to your home. In conjunction with stage 4, this involves implementing plumbing and electrical wiring for the inside of the home. Other details from your chosen design include implementing tiles, shelving units and architraves, which can all be added in at this stage. All in all, this stage takes approximately 4 weeks to complete.  

Stage 6: Completion

Lastly, finalising the home comes together in this stage where all the touch ups and details are added to complete the build. These touch ups include painting, fencing, turf and irrigation as well as installing the floor coverings, glass, doors, screens and additional fittings. All the rubbish from the build is disposed to make the final product livable for you. This stage takes approximately 4 weeks to complete until handover can take place. 

Post Handover

At this point in your journey, you would have already received your hand over keys and your customer portal handover documents. Your customer portal contains all the things you need to know about your new home. You will transition from site manager to our customer care team who are always there to answer the phone for any maintenance queries.

Frequently asked questions

How long does the building process take?

The average building time for a single story home is approximately 36 weeks and 40 weeks for a double storey home.  

Am I required to do anything to my block before construction starts?

You as the owner of the land will be responsible to remove all rubbish and debris that is on the site prior to Domaine taking possession and commencing construction. This also includes the mowing of grass.

When will my construction start?

Construction starts depending on the status of your land, if you have signed a contract and the avenue of approval you are going through for your build. Once you have signed a building contract and ended the cooling off period; if you are going through CDC approval, it will be approximately 3 months for Domaine to prepare the file to move into construction. If you are going through DA/CC approval, it will be approximately 5 months. This timeframe will vary depending on your finance information being received. *Knockdown rebuild will be longer than this due to the demolition of the existing home.

Home Building Guide

Want to own a brand new home at an affordable price without sacrificing quality? At Domaine Homes, turning your dream into realty reality is easier than ever. Our home building guide explains everything you need to know about building a new home with Domaine Homes, including the stages of building a house; starting a deposit, choosing your preferences, building scope, and maintenance after moving into your home. This guide details the process and requirements of both Domaine and your role throughout, and how to create as seamless a building process as possible.