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Domaine Colour Selection Studio

Our Selection studio is the perfect place to start turning your house, into a home. Lets help bring your vision to life and add some personality and charm to your blank canvas. The Colour Studio allows you to see the endless opportunities in designing your home. You are in control of your choices, picking everything down to the last detail. This includes tapware, kitchen appliances, floor coverings, cabinetry colours and much more! We look forward to leaving you inspired and excited for your new home.  

Visit Our Colour Selection Studio

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Visit Our Colour Selection Studio

We’re excited to invite you to our Colour Selection Studio!

Take your time and explore the exquisite range of home finishes with the help of our experts—no rush and no fuss. We guarantee you’ll be inspired to create your dream space!

We are open every Saturday for walk-ins, 10am – 2pm. Although if you cannot make it then, let us know when you’re free and we can make it work!

Prepare For Your Visit

The colour studio has something for everyone, offering sleek designs to suit all budgets, with Classic, Designer and Deluxe packages, so be sure to take your time exploring our options to create spaces that are perfect for you.

At Domaine, we’re here to make your selection process a breeze. Our expert interior designers have hand-crafted 12 internal and 12 external colour schemes for you to choose from, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. We spend hours designing each colour palette, ensuring they fit with the latest interior trends, and that schemes can be used for multiple design styles like Hamptons, Coastal, Contemporary and many more.