A Colourful Soul Lands Her Dream Job

A visionary when it comes to colours, Tatjana always knew she was destined to work in a world of home interiors and help people bring their dream home to life. 

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Meet Tatjana

Even at a young age, Tatjana was always interested in the interior of homes, the design and the colours that tied everything together perfectly. Her favourite toy to play with was her dollhouse, which she set up over and over again while mix and matching different furniture pieces and creating different styles in each room. But before Tatjana moved into her current role as a Lifestyle Studio Colour Consultant, she started off as Sales Associate in 2016, which meant assisting Sales Consultants in the display homes.

Tatjana was a customer before an employee, and the house they had signed a contract for a couple of months prior just went to site, when Tatjana's assigned Customer Service Consultant asked if she might be interested in a role as a Sales Associate. Because Tatjana had been busy raising her children for years on end, she was excited to possible have the chance to jump back into the workforce. 

After her interview with the Sales Manager, Tatjana received a call a few days later to say she had gotten the job. When the call came through that she got the job, Tatjana remembers being at her kids swimming lessons, and loudly squealed with excitement, so much so that the other mothers there at the time ended up staring at her. But without a doubt, no one would be able to wipe Tatjana's smile off her face that day. 'From day one, I felt proud to have secured a job with Clarendon,' Tatjana says, 'because everybody that visited our show homes were always wowed by what they saw.' 

As Tatjana watched and listened to the sales consultants, her knowledge of house plans, inclusions and everything in between grew. She loved how homes could be customised to suit people's lifestyles and found it exciting listening to customer's hope and dreams for their own little piece of the world. Tatjana says 'the most exciting day of my own build, aside from handover, was definitely our selections day in the Lifestyle Colour Studio.' Tatjana felt like the Colour Consultants truly had the best job in the business, so one day she emailed the Lifestyle Studio Manager and expressed her interest and how much she'd love to work in there. 

'It Was Literally My Dream Job!'

At the end of June 2020, Tatjana got a call from the Lifestyle Studio Manager asking her if she'd like to be a part of the colours team and work in the Lifestyle Studio. 'I couldn't have been more excited,' exclaims Tatjana, 'it was literally my dream job!' Not only does Tatjana love the supportive team she's in and the people she's surrounded by daily, something that brings her ultimate satisfaction is when customers are so over the moon with their choices and their new homes. 

She loves when customers get excited to be choosing everything for their new homes. 'It's an honour sharing that moment with them to be honest,' Tatjana says. Tatjana has also taken on the role of a Customer Service Consultant while simultaneously juggling being a Lifestyle Studio Colour Consultant and helps customers go through their Construction Process. 

 'Sometimes I am lucky enough to walk the customers that I have spent the day with in the Lifestyle Studio through their Construction Journey. The phone call I get to make at the end when they receive notice of their handover is the greatest moment for me. Tatjana feels like she has grown personally and professionally during her time working at Clarendon Homes. 'Learning to really listen both to my colleagues and my clients means that I have gained confidence as a person and enhanced my building industry knowledge, as well as my technological skills.' Even through challenging moments when there were delays with trades and materials, her team was always there to support each other and help her stay positive. 

But it's not all hard work when it comes to Tatjana, on the weekends you can often find her basking in the sunshine and spending the day gardening, renovating or re-decorating her home. 

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A Colourful visionary

Meet Tatjana