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Domaine Design Series/20.02.22

Monochromatic Coastal Style

Domaine Design Series

If you’re familiar with the Domaine process, you would know that we like to make the home building journey as smooth and efficient as possible, and this isn’t any different when it comes to selecting the look and feel of your new home. After you sign your contract with us, you’ll move onto the colour selection stage where you will be able to browse and choose which design specifications you want for the inside and outside of your Domaine home. 

Because we know how overwhelming and indecisive this can be for many, we have curated 12 internal and 12 external colour schemes that you can choose from to make the decision-making a little easier for you! These colour schemes, as well as the finishing touches such as your doors, accessories and lights have all been assembled by our team of experienced interior design specialists and are constantly being reviewed so that our offering is in line with the current and timeless style trends. 

After the release of our new design specifications, we decided to sit down with our internal interior designers and ask them what studio selections they would choose if they were to build with us and wanted to share their best design tips with you!  

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Monochromatic Coastal Colour Scheme

With the surfacing of 60’s interior trends, black tapware and Hampton’s style finishes, monochromatic coastal schemes are emerging with its mix of modern but scenic details. Our interior designer has expressed that monochromatic coastal ambience was the inspiration for our newly decorated display home at Parklea and has put together her list of choices she made to bring the whole look and feel of the home together!

External Selections

SCHEMES – Clovelly, Brighton, Umina, Scarborough or Rockingham

  • Cladding – All schemes excluding withers 
  • Tile or stone feature 
  • Mix of render and brickwork 
  • Colorbond roof
  • Glazed doors and large windows providing expanses of natural light 

Internal Selections

SCHEMES – Gumtree, Dryandra, Grevillia, Waratah, Elkhorn, Bottlebrush or Fan Palm

  • Warm timber tones to accompany Bright white, warm whites, and soft greys, with highlight elements of black and charcoal 
  • Black tapware and door furniture throughout 
  • Simple, profiled joinery 
  • Photographic artwork of coastal scenery and relevant botanical art 
  • Natural textures of linen, sisal, cane, and rattan 
  • Layering of textures and patterns e.g. simple patterns of stripes, hand-blocking, and weaves
  • Tropical and coastal greenery such as birds, palms, banana leaves and paradise 
  • Touches of rustic timber 
  • Casual half-height v-groove wall panelling, finished at the top with dado rail 
  • Soft, flowing curtains and white shutters 
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To expand on the design selections, we were also given the following tips to evoke the space and bring it all in together to create the ambience and practicality of your new home.

  • Timber or tiled flooring; easy to maintain 
  • Large floor rugs to add warmth 
  • Feature lighting to key areas of the home to add character 
  • Task lighting 
  • Wallpaper to key locations to add interest and variation 
  • Large mirrors to expand the use of light 
  • Curtains to relevant windows to provide a sea-breeze ambience 
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If you would like to see these design tips come to life, you can find monochromatic coastal themes throughout our Memphis 32 on display at our Parklea Display Centre. 

As we move forward with the opening and refurnishing of new display homes, we’ll keep checking in with our design team and ask them what style trends to look out for! After all, not everyone has the same preferences so it’s important to us that we continue to update you with new and improved specifications; and that’s exactly what we plan to keep doing starting with this series!