Build the home of your dreams without moving.

Love your location, but not your house? Here at Domaine, we are committed to helping our clients build their dream homes in their dream location. Even if that means knocking down your existing property to make room for your very new home! As experts in homebuilding for over 40 years, we have a team of experienced professionals behind us who specialise in knocking down old properties and helping you find the perfect home to fit your land, taste, and lifestyle!

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Replace Your place

Your knockdown rebuild project in 5 easy steps.

We've made it easier than ever to start your knockdown rebuild journey. For more information, book a preliminary inspection below, or visit your nearest display centre.

Step 1

Free Preliminary Site Assessment

One of our experienced consultants can conduct a free preliminary site assessment of your block of land at the outset of your project.

Step 2

Site Inspection

Depending on the results of our preliminary assessment, our team will then conduct a physical inspection of your block of land to determine building requirements.

Step 3

Obligation Free Estimate

The information gained from the site inspection will be used to provide you with an obligation free estimate for your chosen home design, facade and inclusions on your block.

Step 4

Initial Deposit

A small initial deposit will be required to obtain all the necessary engineering and certifier reports on your land, the results of which will be used to provide you with a fully costed building agreement.

Step 5

Let's Get Started

We will continue to guide you through the process, to ensure all necessary steps are completed and approvals are in place so we can commence building your home. 

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Featured Homes

Our Home Designs

Browse our vast selection of single and double storey homes today to find out which design is perfect for you!

nsw Coastal-Photography Louis-28 16-1411174

Louis 28

Waterford Living Chisholm Display Homes
Bedrooms 4
Living Areas 3
Bathrooms 2
Car Spaces 2
Single storey 14m+ lot width
nsw Coastal-Photography Dallas-24-Oran-Park domaine-dallas-24-18

Dallas 24

Oran Park Display Homes
Bedrooms 4
Living Areas 1
Bathrooms 2
Car Spaces 2
Single storey 12.5m+ lot width


nsw Coastal-Photography Malibu-30 32-1400725

Malibu 30

Waterford Living Chisholm Display Homes
Bedrooms 4
Living Areas 3
Bathrooms 2
Car Spaces 2
Single storey 16m+ lot width
nsw Coastal-Photography Lux-18 box-hill-lux-18-narrow-27

Lux 18 Narrow

Box Hill Display Homes
Bedrooms 4
Living Areas 2
Bathrooms 2
Car Spaces 1
Single storey 10m+ lot width
nsw Coastal-Photography Sohar-23-Willowdale willowdale-sohar-26

Sohar 25

Willowdale Display Homes
Bedrooms 4
Living Areas 1
Bathrooms 2
Car Spaces 2
Single storey 14m+ lot width
nsw Coastal-Photography Lakewood-29 43-1399940

Lakewood 29

Marsden Park Abell Road Display Homes
Bedrooms 4
Living Areas 3
Bathrooms 2.5
Car Spaces 2
Double storey 10m+ lot width


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a knockdown rebuild?

As the name suggests, a knock down rebuild involves pulling down your existing house and then reusing the land to build a brand new home that suits your family’s needs better.  

Why should I knockdown and rebuild?

As land continues becoming scarce, more and more people in NSW are recognising the value of their current lots and see the benefits that come along with preserving it. Knocking down and rebuilding is proving to be a better financial strategy for homeowners as the value of your property is more likely to go up in conjunction with a new home build. Doing so also allows you and your family to live the current life that you have set up for yourselves by maintaining your locality and lifestyle.

How long does the process take?

The knockdown rebuild process leading up to site start can range anywhere between 20-30 weeks, depending on a range of factors. You will need to undertake a step-by-step process to ensure that construction certificates, permits and documentation is all being approved before construction commences. Overall, from deposit to handover – this can take up to 9-12 months.

How much does it cost to knockdown and rebuild?

Although this can range immensely, you’ll need to factor in site costs, demolition costs and your new home build cost to put aside. Generally, the demolition costs range from about $20,000-$25,000 however, we always recommend allowing up to $40,000 all together for both demolition and site costs to clear out your site for your new home build! After these prices have been determined, we will then factor in the cost of your home depending on what you choose!

$10K Cash Back Guarantee for Knockdown Rebuilds

Book a free preliminary assessment.

Start the process today by booking a free preliminary assessment of your block of land by one of our trained consultants.