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Builders Guide/03.10.21

Should I Build A Bigger Home?

We commonly hear the sentiment “bigger is better” but when you think of building a big home, you probably associate a larger house size with more maintenance, more furniture, more cleaning and more expenses! Although bigger homes undoubtedly require more care and attendance than smaller homes, the benefits of bigger homes can also come in handy for a number of reasons! So how big of a house should you build? 

As experts in homebuilders, we have recognised the heavier demand for bigger homes in the recent years but are also familiar with the common concerns that come with building one. Although the thought of a big home may seem more ideal, this doesn't always co-ordinate with other factors of the building journey. To help you decide what may be the most suitable option for yourself, we’ve listed the most frequently asked questions that we hear from clients when choosing their home design, size and floorplan layout. 

Can I afford a bigger home?

Obviously, this is a question relative to your financial status and we always recommend speaking to a finance advisor to gain some clarity on what your home loan capacity may be. However, one thing that is worth taking into account is the cost of your furniture and maintenance spend once your home is built. Don’t forget – another living area usually calls for another couch, TV and entertaining unit! We always believe that creating a budget plan is the way to go prior to locking in any big decisions. To assist, speak with one of our internal finance brokers today!

Will I use the space?

This may be one of the most common points that people consider when planning to build a bigger home. What will I do with all the extra rooms? Will I grow my family in the future? It’s a little hard to predict how our living situations will unfold but one thing we have recognised, is that bigger homes are becoming more practical in this current climate. Remote working and schooling seem to be on the horizon and many families are finding that all their rooms are constantly occupied. If you see this being a possibility for yourself or are someone that loves to entertain and have children stay over, then we believe that extra space is going to favour you!

What house size is considered “big”?

With smaller lots populating the current market, many people are now choosing smaller home designs starting from 150sqm. Depending on where you build, whether it’s in a new estate or in a rural area, this will also determine whether your house size is relatively big or small.

Currently the average house size in NSW sits at about 240sqm or 2580sqft, so a house would be considered bigger if it is sized at 300sqm+. In saying this, you can still build a home on the smaller side with the same floorplan features that you get from a bigger home…. Which takes us to our next point! 


What floor layout features should I include?

If your budget or land size calls for a smaller home design but you need the space and rooms that a bigger home usually provides, no need to stress – you can manipulate this by changing around your floorplan to suit your living situation! If you are someone who works remotely from home, you may be able to change one of your bedrooms to a study; or you can change one of your additional living spaces into an extra room for another family member! The perks of building your own home is that you can design your house to suit your needs and ideal house layout. Use our Design & Price Your Home Tool to discover how you can customise and change our home designs and floorplans to suit yourself. Additionally, this tool also prices these changes for you, giving you complete visibility and transparency without having to sit down with a consultant!

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Discover Your Home Options

At Domaine, we have curated and collated a set of home designs that we believe offer all the features that a quality home requires! With a variety of inclusions, floorplan options and facades, our homes have proven to fulfill the wishes of our clients, all within the means of a quick and streamlined process! Speak with one of our team members today to find out what we’re currently offering and how we can assist in brining your dream home to life. That’s our Domaine!