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Builders Guide/24.11.21

What Guarantees Should Come With My Home?

It’s not uncommon for many first home builders to be apprehensive when selecting their future home. The process can no doubt get confusing when you’re being offered a variety of different packages, inclusions and warranties by a number of different home building companies. At Domaine, we recognise the uncertainties and frequent concerns that come with many of our new clients and believe that it is imperative that the process is as efficient, accessible and transparent as possible. As experts in home building, we also know which features of home building should be guaranteed and what you as buyers need to look out for! So, what new home building guarantees should come with your home?

Statutory Warranties

Statutory warranties refer to the promises you are obligated to fulfill as a residential builder if the value is more than $5,000. Statutory warranties mean that your work will be done in accordance with the plans and specifications set out in the contract, work will comply with the law, work will be done with due diligence and within reasonable time, and that all supplies used will be of good quality and materials will be reasonably fit for the specified purpose or result.  These statutory warranties must abide by the Housing Industry Association (HIA) and each alleged breach of warranty needs to be investigated to determine whether it relates to the builder/contractor’s workmanship. 

During the process it is important that you’re given the relevant records and documents to prove that your build is abiding by the required regulations. These records include receiving a copy of the building contract and any variations of the work including any plans or specifications, proof of all payments made, certificate of insurance under the Home Building Compensation Fund (HBCF), all relevant insurance policies, building reports, a copy of anti-termite protection work, any care-maintenance manuals, relevant documents identifying brands or materials and any additional warranties or guarantees given by your builder.

Third Party Assurance

Third Party Assurance refers to guarantees, letters of credit,  indemnities, counter-indemnities, sureties, letters of comfort or other financial support commitments or contingent liabilities of any nature.  To provide our clients with all the information, proof, records and certainty they need, we have built out a customer portal that situates all their documents, building timelines, contact details and information needed for their build. In the unlikely event that you become aware of a major structural element defect in your home, our portal is directly linked to our customer care team who addresses defaults and any possible maintenance issues that may arise, repairing the defect at our own cost within a reasonable time after receiving your notice.

Lifetime Structural Guarantee

Additionally, at Domaine we provide a Lifetime Structural Guarantee. Our Lifetime Structural Guarantee is our belief in the quality of the homes we build and your assurance that you are building with a leader in the industry. Domaine Homes’ guarantee covers major structural element defects, attributable to defective design or workmanship. This includes situations where the defect results in the building or part of the building being unsuitable for use, physical damage to the building or the building posing a threat of physical damage or collapse. The structural elements of your home are those elements which are essential to the building’s stability and structural integrity, namely, the frame, roof trusses, slab, piers and footings.

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At Domaine, it’s safe to say we know the go after building over 500 homes a year and have proved to be leading builders in the industry for over 40 years. We believe that hard work, trust and reliability speaks for itself. To begin your home building journey today, get in touch and speak to one of our team members. Whatever it is you need to make your building journey smooth and comfortable, we’ve got you covered… That’s our Domaine.