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First Home Builders/30.07.21

What To Do After Handover

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What to do now...

So, you've been given the keys to your newly built home and your building journey has come to an end. For some of you, there still may be a list of maintenance work to do, depending on whether your builders have covered this for you or not. However, if you have the keys and are planning to rush straight into furnishing and decorating, there's still a few things you may need to do to get on your way. We’ve included 3 different “new house post-handover” stages for you to consider.


Maintenance Finishes


Driveways may not always be included in your building contract so this may be one of the first things required to do after handover. If this is the case, then we recommend seeking advice or weighing out your options to get the best deal for a decent price. There are also a variety of driveways you can choose from so keep that in mind too!


Landscaping isn't usually included in the building contract due to the different range of styles and preferences that each customer expects for their home. Because of this, it's usually up to you to delegate which mailbox, house number, grass, steppingstones and shrubbery would be suitable after your home has been handed over. 


If your builder also hasn't implemented fencing, then this will be something that you will need to organise amongst yourself. Doing this post-handover will save you at least 20%. 


It's common for homeowners to install downlights after the handover throughout their home due to cost efficiency. If you have money set aside for a maintenance fund, then this may be something you were planning on installing yourself. To save even more money, you can buy the downlights yourself and have an electrician install them all in a day or two's work. 


To finish off maintenance work, we believe it is necessary to fix up your external lighting and sensors to touch up the end product. These things include rear spotlights, façade lights, external sensors, video intercom and a doorbell.

Setting Up Your Home


In doing this, you can either set up your water, gas and electricity in your new home or alternatively, transfer them from your previous property. It may be worth revising your pre-existing utility expenses and swapping over to another company that is more affordable. Nevertheless, make sure you advise them of your move-in date as soon as possible.


This step may be self-explanatory, although is often overlooked or neglected in amidst the chaos of moving. Changing the address on your licenses, registrations, bank accounts and subscriptions may be worth doing on the days leading up to your move-in date. At least this way, you can avoid any missed mail in the near future!


Depending on whether or not your builder has included the following in your contract, you may need to touch up some of your completed construction with minor details such as wardrobe inserts, flyscreens, shelves and TV units. Basically, anything that will allow you to immediately furnish your home once you move in!


Unfortunately, it is common for boxes and valuables to go missing in amidst the move. We recommend photographing all your boxes or keeping a list of the things that are held in each box. This ensures that you evidently packed them away, while also knowing where everything is kept

Moving Into Your New Home

Home Furnishing

Here's the fun part! It’s time to start customising your space to suit your style! Make your house into a home with some of our furnishing and stylisation tips here:

Connect your internet

We recommend setting up your internet connection as soon as possible. This will allow you to set up your electronics much easier once you install them. It will also allow you to post photos online of your new home!

Keep your building information

Even though your building journey is now complete, there may be instances in the future where you will need to get in touch with maintenance issues. To avoid any confusion, keep all your documents and the names of your building contacts. 


Congratulations you've reached the end of your enduring journey! Pour a glass of wine or invite some friends over to celebrate your new home, you deserve it!

If you would like to kickstart the process of building your first home, enquire with us today to get on your way!