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First Home Builders/24.09.21

What To Expect When You Visit A Display Home

Visiting a display centre or village can be an exciting experience for many! As you embark on a day of browsing beautiful homes and essentially “shopping” for your new one, the novelty of it all can also get quite overwhelming. If you have never visited a display centre before and are intimidated by the process of doing so, no need to worry! We’ve outlined the things you should expect to do and see during your visit and have provided some tips for you to make the experience easy and enjoyable!

Before You Visit

If you have the intention of kick starting your home journey once you visit the centre, we recommend doing a little bit of your own research to get a clear idea about what you’re looking for and how the impending process may work. To find out how you can do this productively, read our blog: Things to Consider Before You Step Foot in a Display Home. This step-by-step guide will help make sure you don’t make any impulsive decisions or commit to something that you’re not 100% sure about. Additionally, if you plan to speak with a consultant or professional the day of your visit, it may be worth booking in an appointment in advance to make sure that they will have your time!

Walking Through The Homes

Once you’ve signed yourself into the display centre accordingly, you will most likely be given a map or brochure of the homes on display, along with their floorplans and dimensions. You may sit down and speak with a consultant if you already have an idea about what you’re looking for, however if you’re in the early stages of your home building journey, it’s probably best to browse the homes first to see the quality and design finishes they have to offer.

One of the biggest misconceptions about walking through a display home is having a consultant walk through with you. Unlike a real estate inspection, you are usually allowed to walk through and inspect all the homes on your own accord. With COVID regulations in place, this may differ, so it may be best to check in before you visit if this is a deal breaker for you!

As you walk through, you can refer to the brochures you’ve been given to compare the space and layout of all the homes. As you look at each and every home, it’s common to forget which home is which so we recommend taking photos or note down comments of the ones that you love, so that you can differentiate and remember them when you leave for the day!

After Browsing The Homes

After you’ve finished your tour through the displays, you will most likely be asked if you need any help or additional information to take home with you. If you’re in the early process of your home building journey and aren’t ready to speak with a professional, that’s completely fine! Ask if you can have some brochures to take home with you and take one of the consultants’ cards just in case you have any questions later on.

Alternatively, if you already have a handful of questions or would like more information on the homes you just browsed, then sitting down with a consultant is the way to go! They will be able to advise how the building process works from deposit, all the way to construction! Most home builders also offer complimentary quotes or sales estimates, so it may not hurt getting one if you’re already there!

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Here at Domaine, we prioritise making the home building process effortless and enjoyable for our customers. Although visiting a display centre can be an exciting experience, we are aware of the concerns that come along with it during this time and have curated a number of ways you can proceed without physically stepping foot into one via our virtual tours.

Discover what display homes in Sydney & NSW we have, or contact us today to get on your way!