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Single Storey Display Homes

Domaine Homes understands that everyone has a unique lifestyle with their own list of needs and wants. Therefore, we have a range of beautiful single storey homes on display across many convenient NSW regions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to build a single storey home?
What is BASIX?

Basix is a government required assessment which must be completed on your dwelling to assess its energy and water efficiency. These costs are factored into our standard inclusions.

What are fixed site costs?

Fixed site costs are the costs associated with the preparation needed for the site construction.

Do I need to buy my own land first?

You do not need to buy your own land first. The order in which you start your building journey is entirely up to you! You can choose to select your home design first before purchasing land, or we have a range of pre-packaged house & land packages available.

When we design our homes, we focus not just on how the house looks (although, this matters!), but what it will truly be like to live in. What happens when you walk in the door each night? Where would you gravitate to, drop your keys down, and go to relax? How do you like to prepare for the day; getting ready, eating breakfast, organising lunches, taking stock of the day ahead of you? From that understanding, we figure out how our homes can facilitate your needs, as you make your way through life, creating memories. Our single storey home designs are particularly required to utilise space innovatively, offering space, functionality and comfort on the one level. 

Building Experience With Single Storey Homes

You may have explored countless home designs online, in person or even imagining the perfect home in your mind. It’s very rare to immediately find what you’re looking for when it comes to a new home build. It is typically a process of seeking a lot of information, exploring designs, finding what you like, and what you don’t. Everyone’s needs and choices are different, however there is always one commonality: people want peace of mind that their home is built to a high quality consistent with years, even lifetimes, of use. 

At Domaine Homes, our 40+ years of experience in designing and building single storey homes gives us the ability to produce incredible homes that are also affordable, functional and understand the importance of appealing timelines in today’s busy, competitive housing market.

We have used this experience to invest in innovative processes and solutions to be able to build quality homes, with highly reliable materials, skilled trades and in a fraction of the time it can take other builders. 

Modern Single Storey House Designs

Every time we design a home, we are extremely proud to present it to future homeowners who will love it as much as we do. But, we wouldn’t be where we are today without having a finger on the pulse for how Australian families grow and evolve their needs, tastes and preferences. The homes that worked for people when we began Domaine Homes are not the same homes that work for new home buyers today.

We don’t take a lazy approach to designing our homes; our single storey house designs are modern, for the modern family. They have the unique ability to offer a high quality single storey home you will be proud to share and show your family and friends, while also staying true to our promise of affordability and time-conscious turnarounds. 

When we think of single storey homes, we don’t immediately jump to the typical version of that. It’s about using the land space in the best possible way; from smaller urban lots and narrow spaces to open acreage.

Single storey homes have a unique ability to grow with you and your family, through the ages, without compromising manageability to live in the home comfortability from the first steps of toddlers, to our needs as we mature. Every step of the way, Domaine are with you.

Single Storey House Plans

In our experience, we have found that single storey house plans tend to surprise and delight homebuyers, as they realise the capabilities of one level homes far exceed their expectations. Single storey homes compliment spacious family living and even multi-generational arrangements, without having anyone stepping on toes. The floor plans and layouts have been thoughtfully designed to offer personal space, and functional areas to congregate and relax. 

Our aim is to give you a home you can live in. What does that mean? A house that’s not just a shelter or an asset, but a place to hold your memories, give you a base to come together with loved ones, and be the backdrop of your most special moments. We are in the business of bricks and mortar, but only to offer the materials and skill to give you a lot more than that. 

Whether you’re a first home buyer looking for a real foot in an otherwise difficult market, or seeking your forever home, our designs are designed for you and your needs.

At Domaine, we give you the home, so you can give it the heart. 

Single Storey Home Inclusions

We have a range of single storey home inclusions that will give your home the uniquely-you touch. Our friendly team are there to support you through your options to navigate to the inclusions package that will give you the most for your budget. 

Where We Build

We build throughout the Greater Sydney Region, starting at the lower Blue Mountains of Springwood and Kurrajong, up to Sydney Metro, the South West, Central Coast and Hunter Valley region.