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Getting Started/16.08.21

Things To Consider Before Stepping Into A Display Home

What you should know...

For many people, walking into a display home is usually considered to be the first point of contact for those looking to build. Although this can be a great way to kick start your home building journey, it can push you into making some uninformed and impulsive decisions on the spot.  

Here at Domaine Homes, we believe that knowledge is key and with that knowledge comes a little bit of research. Doing some investigating online before you step into a display centre can make the biggest difference to your decision making. To ensure that you proceed into your new journey with ease and confidence, we’ve shared our tips on what you should be doing before visiting a display to avoid running the risk of any confusion or uncertainty!  

Decide How You Want Build

If you are a first home builder, you’re probably tossing up on whether you want to purchase a house & land package, secure your own lot of land or knock-down your existing property and build on top of that. With your budget affirmed, this would be the first decision you’ll need to make. If you are tossing up about what land you should buy or are unsure about your existing lot of land, feel free to reach out to one of our experienced advisors to get some advice about which direction to take.

Research Home Designs or House & Land Packages

If you have decided that you want to go ahead with a house & land package, you can begin researching prices, inclusions and dimensions all here on our website! Our packages are constantly being updated and provide you with all the information needed to help you choose what is most suited for you. If you’ve settled on land, choosing a suitable home design would depend on the size and dimensions of your lot. Take your time looking through our single-storey, double-storey and narrow designs to fish out which one appeals most to you so that you know what other options you have before visiting a display centre!

Compare Prices

It’s no secret that budget plays a fundamental role in making final decisions about which home to choose. The process of pricing up your home can get super overwhelming when not given the space and time to do so. Because of this, we have created our Design & Price Your Home Tool that allows you to access the price of all our designs and explore the cost of our upgrade packages, façades and any extras. We think that it’s important to be completely transparent when it comes to pricing and want to give you the freedom to weigh out your options before speaking with an expert!

Speak to a Consultant

Before visiting a display centre and sitting down with a sales consultant face-to-face, we always think it’s a great idea to enquire beforehand to get an idea about what you will be speaking about in your impending appointment. This will allow you to prepare a list of questions to go through without running the risk of missing anything important and will also give you the time to process the discussion without the pressure of making any abrupt decisions. Alternatively, we also offer virtual appointments via Microsoft Teams which you can attend from the comfort of your own home – getting the best of both worlds!

Check out Social Accounts & Customer Reviews

We think that reading client reviews and browsing social accounts is one of the best ways of gaining insight into what you should expect in the future with Domaine. With countless home-building Instagram accounts made by pre-existing clients, this is one way of realistically seeing how the process unfolds from the perspective of another builder.

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Ultimately, building your forever home isn’t a small decision and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Domaine Homes recognises how important it is to leave the ball in your court and offer a variety of services that give you the space to make these big decisions for you and your family without any pressure. Although we have a range of display centres, we also want to give you the freedom to do your research and know what you’re going to get before you even decide to step into one!