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Starting your own Home Journey Account with Domaine Homes

19.08.21 - Builders Guide

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If there is one thing that we have learned as home builders, it’s that the building process can be one of life’s most exciting and anticipated journeys for most of our clients. Each step into the building process proves to be another celebratory moment in their lives as they watch their forever home unfold from deposit, to construction, all the way to interior decorating! 

Social media has no doubt become one of the most utilised tools for communicating, documenting and sharing momentous occasions with each other and here at Domaine Homes we’ve noticed that many of our happy customers are creating their own personal building accounts to showcase their new homes… and boy, do we love to see it!

We’ve kept our eyes peeled on the countless Instagram and Facebook posts published by our clients and have recognised that their accounts are not only attracting our attention, but also receiving many follows from others building in the same boat! It really is a great way to connect, and because of that, we have gathered some tips to help you create your very own account and join the online community today!

Tip 1: Make it personal! Pick a handle that is relative to you and your building journey aka. “building with the …” or “our ___ home journey”. You can even create a logo for your profile image if you want to get super fancy!

Tip 2: Choose your feed theme and make it look appealing! Just because you’ll be posting content of construction sites, it doesn’t mean your account has to look like one. We’ve seen clients get creative with filters, weekly title pages, time-lapse videos and design inspiration! 

Tip 3: Post anything and everything! Even the things that you may not think are interesting like drawing plans and empty land. You’ll be surprised by how much traction those posts can receive from others building… plus, it also documents all the steps for you to look back on in the future!

Tip 4: Post regularly! Check in and update your followers as much as possible. Let them know how the process is going, whether there were any surprises and maybe some tips for others! We also noticed that many people create polls or Q&A segments on their stories to ask their following what style choices they should be selecting.   

Tip 5: Connect! There’s no point going through all the effort of creating your building account if you have no intention of sharing it with others! Use hashtags, tag us in your posts, comment and follow other people’s accounts to interact with one another through this exciting time in your life! 

Start documenting your home building journey today via social media and connect with the Domaine Family by tagging @domainehomes and hash tagging #builtbydomainehomes

Who knows… you may even be featured on our company social accounts if we love what we’re seeing!

Check out some of our client's examples below

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