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Why Choose Colorbond?

12.08.21 - Builders Guide, Design and Style

The roof is one of the most important architectural elements of your home and the material used will ensure that the internal structure will sustain heavy winds, rainfall, dust storms and hail. If you’re in the process of building your home, you may have been faced with the option to choose between roof tiles or steel tiles, also known as Colorbond. You may have also noticed that the cost of Colorbond is higher than your standard roofing tiles and are probably wondering why.
We’re here to tell you everything you need to know about Colorbond and why it may be worth spending that little extra to invest in!

Made by Bluescope, Colorbond is a coated steel roofing material more commonly recognised for its clean lines and stylish aesthetic, ranging in a variety of colours to suit the style of your home. However, the appeal of Colorbond isn’t the only reason why it is considered one of Australia’s most loved building products over the last 50 years. One major advantage of Colorbond is that it’s extremely lightweight and weighs the same whether it’s wet or dry, unlike concrete tiles which tend to weight heavier after absorbing a percentage of rainfall before it runs off. Tested in some of Australia’s harshest conditions, its strength and durability has been proven in the most extreme weathers. Additionally, choosing Colorbond also guarantees lower maintenance costs in the future, with little chance of damage being done to the steel sheets. 

Adhering strictly to the highest quality grade steel, Colorbond is finished with five layers of protection, including a metal coating with enhanced corrosion and chipping resistance. The manufacturing process of Colorbond produces steel sheets that are far more resilient and weather resistant than your traditional concrete tile and meets the material requirements of relevant Australian Standards. Additionally, Colorbond roofing provides exceptional thermal insulation because of its lightweight and solar reflective material featuring Thermatech solar reflectance technology. This technology is designed to reflect the sun’s heat on hot days and retain the heat in winter to keep the house warm. 

If that wasn’t enough to convince you, Colorbond sheets are also made from recycled material and can be 100% recycled making it an environmentally friendly roofing option. With regular cleaning and washing of your Colorbond roof, this will keep it performing better for longer, making it user friendly as well! 

If you're interested in upgrading to colorbond today, speak with one of our sales consultants to get more information here! 


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