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2023 Interior Style Trends

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It’s no revelation that when a new year approaches, so does the desire to change components in our lives… or homes. Whether it’s purchasing a new bed spread, changing the colour of your walls, or replacing the whole theme of your house; the desire for change remains the same. If this is sounding familiar to you, then we’re here to help make your design choices a little easier! Although we may be experts in home building, we also carry a team of experienced interior stylists that make our houses into the beautiful, ambient homes they are on display. Luckily for you, we are passing on their advice to you… Keep reading to find out which interior style trends and ideas you should be looking out for in 2023!

Vertical Lines

Although it sounds somewhat over-simplified and sweeping, narrow vertical lines or pillars are emerging as a notable feature in new, modern interior spaces. Slim lines are being seen in contemporary kitchens and bathrooms with finger mosaic tiles or “kit kat” tiles; as well as replacing solid home functions such as room dividers, doors and even curtains. You may even notice that skinny vertical lines are emerging into stylish business spaces, with reception desks and feature walls being accessorised with slim timber pillars to give off a modern, chic look.  

Light and Neutral Tones

You simply can’t go wrong when it comes to neutrality and this sentiment proves to be even more true when applied to interior decorating. Incorporating light neutral colours into your home such as whites, ivories, pearls, and beiges leave you more freedom to get creative and illuminate the personal touches of your decorating. Not only is a neutral themed space timeless and malleable, but also makes your room feel clean, refreshing, and calming. We’ve also been given word that accessorising your light space with in-style pops of colour, plants or rustic furniture will envelope the whole space, giving it some personality and kick while remaining classy and poised.

Hamptons Style Cabinetry

Even though Hamptons style itself isn’t a particularly new interior styling trend, there’s no doubt that it serves to be one of the most timeless design choices to have in your home. Hamptons style cabinetry is being featured in all new, modern spaces with colours ranging from light neutrals, to greys and blacks, all the way to pastel colours.

This décor style resonates with many Australian homes as many people want to encapsulate their space into a coastal living or trendy, rustic space. Small changes such as the cabinetry into the kitchen and bathrooms are the simplest way to improve the mood of your interior style and increase the value of your home.

Black Tapware

It’s no surprise that chrome has always been the generic finish for tapware in most homes, however, black tapware has proved to be an emerging and popular choice when it comes to interior design trends. Not only does the matt, black finish of the taps give off a sleek and sophisticated look but also avoids fingerprints and watermarks, leaving your kitchen and bathroom accessories always looking polished. Black tapware is predicted to overrule the selection of chrome in the coming years and is perfectly suited to a range of design specifications such as timber, monochrome, copper, and tiling. You just know your home holds value when your tapware is black!

Artisan Homewares

If your desire for change is big but your budget is low, one component of your home that you can change are your homewares to shift the whole mood of your space without making any major alterations. With the re-emergence of 60s interior design on the way, artisan or “homemade” homewares such as ceramics, tinted glass and hand-stitched quilts can all serve to give your space some personality while adhering to the upcoming trends. These pieces can all be acquired at a lower price in second-hand stores or can even be DIY projects depending on what you wish to show. Against newer design specifications such as marble, black tapware, and mosaic tiling – old looking homewares will bring to light your understanding for interior styling and trends.

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Ultimately, styling is subjective and stems from a position of preference; however, if you’re struggling to determine what needs to be altered in your home, then these top 5 trends may be the answer for you! With so many changing style trends on the rise, you’ll want to be the first to know! At Domaine, we’ve curated our pre-selected colour schemes and design specifications to fit the modernity of the interior décor world. Our team of professional stylists are consistently observing the state of style and are ensuring that our products are in line with the newest trends. Visit one of our display homes today to see for yourself!