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Decorating Your First Home On A Budget

It’s time! You’ve been given the keys to your very first house and are now standing in your blank living area, envisioning how you are going to turn the empty space into your new home. Although many would call this the “fun” part, the enjoyment of it all can be cut short if you don’t have a flexible budget to style it the way you want. Luckily for you, we’ve come up with some tips you can use to style the home of your dreams without putting yourself in financial crisis! It just takes a little bit of preparation…

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Form Your Plan

Before purchasing anything, you’re going to want to figure out which of the things you require to style or furnish your new home. We recommend creating a list and prioritising the essentials first like your couch, coffee table, dining table, beds and tv unit! Choosing timeless basic pieces like light timber will also allow you to dress it up or down in the future depending on how your style changes so that you can keep them for the many years ahead! Form which things are your biggest priority, then make a second-tier list such as outside living, entrance table, bedside tables and desks to attend to if you have enough money to spare after the essentials are done.

Research & Compare

Impulsive purchases are our biggest enemy when it comes to budgeting! After forming a list of what you need to purchase, take your time researching and comparing different products to ensure you get the best deal! Although you may be saving a small percentage of the price of your purchase, this will all add up eventually and leave you with a big sum at the very end for pocket money! Marketplaces are also a great way to find some hidden gems for a great price, so start scrolling. If you’re in the process of building your home, this is a perfect time to purchase things bit by bit while you wait for the completion of the build!

Do It Yourself

DIY is the MVP of BYM (Budgeting your money)! This doesn’t necessarily mean painting yourself a canvas and hanging it above your bed, but instead you can buy some super cheap products and tweak them to make it look triple its price! Buying things like cheap metal barstools, shelves and second handed furniture pieces can be transformed into sleek, elegant pieces with the help of some tools, spray paint and time!

Personal Finishes

So, you have your home and your essential items purchased… now all you need to do is lay down the finishing touches to make it you. Incorporating personal finishes such as picture frames, rugs, cushions, books and throws really tie everything in all together! Another finishing tip that makes the house feel like a home is having living plants and flowers styled in your rooms as well as candles or incense! Valuable finishes like these can also be found in markets or op-shops so keep your eye out at all times and don’t rush into buying anything half-heartedly!

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Get Started

At the end of the day, styling a home takes time and patience so don’t stress too much if you don’t have all the items on your wish-list just yet! Enjoy the process of moving in and owning your first home before anything else – you deserve it! To begin your home building journey today, get in touch with us!