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230.2m2 (25sq)
From $424,100
Bedrooms 4
Living Areas 2
Bathrooms 2.5
Car Spaces 2
Lot Width 10m
251.9m2 (27sq)
From $437,950
Bedrooms 4
Living Areas 2
Bathrooms 3
Car Spaces 2
Lot Width 9m
290.7m2 (31sq)
From $463,250
Bedrooms 5
Living Areas 3
Bathrooms 3
Car Spaces 2
Lot Width 9m
nsw Hero-facades memphis-30-positano
Cyprus 25


234.6m2 (25sq)
From $414,250
Bedrooms 4
Living Areas 2
Bathrooms 2
Car Spaces 2
Lot Width 12.5m

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I start?

Start your home building journey today by visiting a display centre and speaking to one of our team members! Or if you would like to avoid any consultations just yet, you can begin by browsing our designs online or pricing up your home using our ‘Design and Price Your Home’ tool.

How long will it take for my home to be built?

As per your HIA Building Contract, the building period for a single storey home is 36 weeks and 40 weeks for a double storey home. *Clause 19 of the Building Contract references the applicable circumstances that will not be included in the build time.

Do I need to buy my own land first?

You do not need to buy your own land first. The order in which you start your building journey is entirely up to you! You can choose to select your home design first before purchasing land, or we have a range of pre-packaged house & land packages available.

Do your homes have structural warranty?

Unlike many other builders, we provide a Lifetime Structural Guarantee. This warranty covers major defects to structural elements attributable to defective design or workmanship.

Am I required to do anything to my block before construction starts?

You as the owner of the land will be responsible to remove all rubbish and debris that is on the site prior to Domaine taking possession and commencing construction. This also includes the mowing of grass.

When will my construction start?

Construction starts depending on the status of your land, if you have signed a contract and the avenue of approval you are going through for your build. Once you have signed a building contract and ended the cooling off period; if you are going through CDC approval, it will be approximately 3 months for Domaine to prepare the file to move into construction. If you are going through DA/CC approval, it will be approximately 5 months. This timeframe will vary depending on your finance information being received. *Knockdown rebuild will be longer than this due to the demolition of the existing home.

Where do you build?

We build in many locations across NSW. View where we build.

What is BASIX?

Basix is a government required assessment which must be completed on your dwelling to assess its energy and water efficiency.

The Domaine Difference

Affordable Home Designs Sydney, Newcastle and Central Coast

Reputation and Experience

Right now, it feels more important than ever to have absolute certainty around the way you own your home; is it better to buy or build? How do you know you have gone with a home builder you can trust? We have witnessed these questions go around and around the minds of people looking to secure a home of their own in what seems like uncertain times. While the landscape of real estate and home construction has seen its fair share of ebbs and flows in recent years, Domaine Homes has managed to remain steadfast. Our ability to continue our top customer service, deliver on exceptional home designs and seeing them through to that ever-important turn key moment in reasonable timeframes has been, and remains, strong.

Largely, this has come down to our reputation in the industry as reliable home builders in the Sydney, Newcastle and Central Coast areas for over 40 years, and our secure and close relationships with trades, contractors and manufacturers to keep us on track. We had put in the leg work for decades to ensure that, in good times and harder times, Domaine Homes would be able to uphold our promise to offer quality home designs, at affordable prices in a competitive turnaround time. 

Affordable Home Design Prices 

We are dedicated to staying true to our offer of the most competitive, affordable prices for new home builds in NSW and will always prioritise this for our home buyers. We have been able to uphold the quality of our materials, trades and customer service while still keeping homes at attainable prices, across the board. From single storey homes to double storey, knockdown rebuilds and house and land packages, we are determined to be the home builder that offers the most for less, every time.  

Whether you’re a first home buyer, seeking a lucrative investment property and everything in between, Domaine Homes ensures that your home purchase is sustainable and profitable for many years to come; even for a lifetime. 

Types of Builds 

We can work with a range of home build types, for the scope of lot types and living requirements that make your Domaine Home so unique. Depending on where you live and where your lot is located, the home design needs for a Sydney block can be vastly different to that in Newcastle or the Central Coast. 

The shape and size of your block are the biggest factors in discovering the type of build most suited to you. The common shapes and dimensions that require specific home design capabilities are:

Narrow blocks - typically a significant difference between the width and length of your block, where you are seeking a design that makes the most of this style home in a comfortable, stylish way.

Sloped blocks - sloping blocks can be tricky to build on, but certainly not impossible with the right home design to ensure the most is made of the lot shape, and that it retains structural integrity. 

Wide blocks - lot sizes that are more significant across the front facing property line than average sized blocks require a certain type of home design to make the house functional, while appreciating the curb appeal of a home on that shaped lot. 

How Many Storeys?

Very often, when potential home buyers walk through our doors, they’ll have a bit of an idea about the style of home they want regarding if it is a single storey, or double storey. Typically, there are few preconceived ideas about what their block of land should have on it, and what pros and cons they think they have about each design. 

The fun part about the process of choosing and finalising your home design, is that it can really surprise you! 

Whatever size or shape your block is, single storey home designs (including our acreage home designs) and double storey home designs have benefits and disadvantages that are entirely unique to you. Domaine Homes offer a wide range of both styles in our selection of designs, and also in our virtual tours and Display Homes. You can take all the time you need to explore each design for yourself before you make your decision. 

Range of Designs, Facades and Floor Plans

When we talk about home designs, we are talking about the whole gamut of considerations you get to make when designing your perfect home. We offer a wide range of modern home designs that can be personalised with architectural, contemporary and traditional facades, and functional and flexible floor plans that ensure our homes are designed for living. 

Standard Inclusions and Extras

Keeping within your budget, without sacrificing the little details that elevate your home, can be more attainable that you might think. We offer a number of optional inclusions that range from Standard to Deluxe upgrades, and allow you to uniquely tweak almost every area of your home, including kitchen, bathroom, laundry, electrical and outdoor. Our optional inclusion upgrades are:

How Do I Pick the Right Home Design for Me?

When it comes to choosing your dream home design there is no one size fits all approach. It’s all about finding which home design suits your lifestyle, family size (now, and any plans for the future), how you like to live, where you live, and the feeling you want when you enter your new home. Every answer to these considerations is what makes our house design, your home. 

Of course, it can be very difficult to just think of these things on the spot, and sometimes you don’t know which home design is right for you until it's presented to you. There are a couple of ways that we can support you in your decision making: