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Choosing Your Dream Home

Although building yourself a new home can be one of life’s most exciting adventures, it can also come with a great degree of confusion, stress and indecision. One of the very first steps to home building involves having to choose your favourite design and that within itself can be a lot to wrap your head around! 

With a wide range of unique designs to choose from, we’ve recognised that the selection process can get quite complicated as buyers can’t keep track which houses are which. Luckily for you, we’ve curated a series of tools that you can use on our Domaine website to compare our different home designs, their floorplans, features and dimensions… Making the process easier for you. See how you can begin using our tools on our website today to pick your dream home!

Favourites Tab

If you’re scrolling through the vast selection of Home Designs on our website and have shortlisted some of your personal fav’s, you can imitate our Favourite’s tab much like a cart when online shopping. Hover over the home design and click the heart on the top left corner of the box - this will add the design to your Favourites. Once you have added all your favourites you can access your shortlist by scrolling to the header of our website and clicking favourites in the right hand corner. Once you’ve gone through all your home designs you can view them side by side by using our comparison tool.

Home Design Comparison Tool

Much like shortlisting designs with the Favourites tab, we have also designed a comparison tool which allows you to see all the information of each design side by side. To use our comparisons tool it’s just a few easy steps:  

1. Go to the home designs page 

2. Explore our range of home designs 

3. When you’ve found your preferred home designs, hover over the design and click the compare button in the top right corner 

4. This will add your selected home design to the designated comparison tab, where you can add up to 4 homes at any one time to compare 

5. Once your home designs have been added at the top of the home design page there is a red ‘compare’ button, clicking here will take you to the side-by-side comparison of all 4 designs including the price, floorplans, dimensions and inclusions

6. Get comparing and find yourself one step closer to your dream home 

Design & Price Your Home

Our Design & Price Your Home tool is our most used feature on our website and provides you with utmost transparency when it comes to inclusions, floorplan options and the pricing of each home! 

If you want to complete your own quote before speaking to one of our team members, this tool is just 10 easy steps and factors in site costs, BASIX, inclusions and calculates the price of your dream home while factoring in our current promotions.

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Domaine Homes

At Domaine, we are recognised for our accessibility, convenience and transparency; all while adhering to the standards of high-quality homes and selections! We know that the process can get overwhelming when you’re not given the right information and tools to assist you; and because of this, we are consistently revising our features and selections to ensure that you are being given the best of the best!