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Getting Started/09.06.22

Why You Can Trust Building With Domaine Homes

The property market is consistently evolving and changing; and trust us when we say that no one understands this more than Domaine! As longstanding home builders, we have experienced all the highs and lows in the industry from recessions all the way to pandemics; and have always navigated our way through these challenges to ensure our homes continue to build for our customers!

At Domaine, we pride ourselves on the trust that we instil in our clients and know that it is imperative to provide certainty in an industry that always tends to test it. If you’re currently feeling reluctant or leery to build in the current market, no need to worry. We can assure you that with all the changes and movement in the current marketplace, one thing is for certain – we’ll be here to support you! There is a reason why Domaine Homes are reputable for our transparency, quality and efficacy… and we’re here to tell you why!

Backed by Clarendon and the Campbell Property Group

Clarendon Homes and the Campbell Property Group have been building homes for over 44 years, since it was first founded in 1978 by Peter Campbell. Since then, CPG have over 400 people working in the business with extensive knowledge in their fields and who have always learned that business is as usual. Our company’s values have always circled around transparency and support for our customers, and because of this, we have ploughed through many of the changes in the market.


Because Domaine is backed by the strong establishment of CPG, we also have access to all the best resources, supplies and materials for building your home. As a company, we have formed strong relationships with many of our suppliers and will always negotiate the best prices to ensure that our clients are given the most value for the smallest price! Despite what happens, our number one priority is that our homes are being built to the best quality and this is never compromised, regardless of what is happening in the world.

Standard HIA contract

Domaine has worked closely with the Housing Industry Association (HIA) since it was bought by CPG in 2016. Unlike many smaller or independent builders, Domaine uses the HIA standard building contract which are typically written to favoured builders and curated by the HIA themselves. This contract sets out important guidelines that ensures both parties are covered rightfully; and lays out your rights, obligation and liabilities in case of breach. The HIA contract addresses issues regarding quality, time, costs and is written with the intent of protecting both parties.

Internal Finance

Unlike many other builders, Domaine has their own internal finance team who directly assist our clients in finance related issues. Domaine Homes is partnered with The Loan Market and has a whole team of loan brokers who are committed at finding the best deal for aspiring buyers; so that they can build their dream home. Our internal loan brokers work beside all the major banks and have their own panel of lenders; so, if you were demanding a second opinion, we can provide that reassurance for you. Consulting with our loan brokers is free of charge and the team behind us are always ready to support you in your financial journey.


One thing that we understand as homebuilders is that it is vital that our clients are supported throughout their entire experience. Our customers are always equipped with supporting documentation which records every step of the process from progress payments, to verified certifications, all the way to maintenance progress images. On top of this, our site supervisors have scheduled frequent calls that update our clients on their build, and we provide 3rd party inspection reports that proves that the work complies with the laws, regulations and codes of the HIA.

Domaine also understands that support doesn’t cease with the completion of the home, as we ensure that our clients are given certainty during the post-handover process. After the 90-day defect liability period, clients are given their client portal where they can lodge their defects, upload photos and directly report to our customer care team who will address these issues. How long do they have access to their client portal for? Until the test of time!

Because we are that certain with the quality of our homes, Domaine Homes offers a LIFETIME STRUCTURAL GUARANTEE for all clients. After 40+ years of home building, we have come to know that our product is of the highest quality and that our building process is strong enough to withstand any challenges that may get thrown at us. Still don’t believe us? Find out yourself by visiting our website and seeing what we’re all about. Giving you the support that you need, that’s our Domaine!

If you’re currently feeling reluctant or leery to build in the current market, no need to worry! For over 40+ years, Domaine Homes has prided itself on the trust that we instil in our clients and know that it is imperative to provide certainty in the ever-changing market.

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The Domaine Difference…

  • Backed by Clarendon and CPG
  • Top Quality Product
  • Standard HIA Contract
  • Price Transparency
  • Thorough Support
  • Lifetime Structural Guarantee

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