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Getting Started/28.03.22

Best Suburbs to Build in South West Sydney in 2023

South West Sydney is no doubt becoming one of the most popular and emerging regions in Sydney for first home builders, investors and those looking for their forever homes. Sydneysiders are recognising the area’s popularity in relation to home building and the hunt for land in the South-West is becoming more and more scarce. With the NSW Government investing almost over 3 billion into the Western Sydney infrastructure plan over a 10 year period, its expansion is expected to inflate the value of the overlooked region. 

Additionally, its key public transport services, developing estates and the upcoming infrastructure of a new airport, schools and shopping centres; property in South-West suburbs are being noted as exceptional investment opportunities for investors and the race for a place is on. 

If you’re currently in the process of looking for land or have already decided that you want to build your new home in the South-West region, we’re here to help! We’ve compiled a list of the best places to build a house in South-West Sydney to get you on your way to building your future home!

Best Suburbs for First Home Builders in South-West Sydney

Menangle Park

Menangle Park is a peaceful and picturesque suburb, developed for community living and emerging families. Located in an impressive gateway to Sydney Metropolitan region, it is expected to home almost millions of residents in the near future as a vibrant town centre. For this reason and it’s reasonable pricing, Menangle Park is proving to be awfully popular for first home buyers and builders in Sydney.

Oran Park

Oran Park is one of Sydney’s South West’s most recognised suburbs for family living and active community engagement. As one of Sydney’s newest communities, Oran Park continues to be a work in progress however, is already signifying as a great place to live with a number of restaurants, parks, cafes and beautiful streets for new homes.

Gregory Hills

Located above the Camden area, Gregory Hills is perfectly positioned for those wanting to live in an urban centre without the chaos and noise of generic city life. It has been masterfully curated for residents to live in their new homes long term with an array of shopping centres, schools and entertainment quarters suited to families. Many residents are choosing Gregory Hills due to its convenient location with direct links to motorways and public transport.

Best Suburbs to Invest in South-West Sydney 2023


Austral is one of the most reputable places for investors to buy land in Sydney, as it’s predicted to triple in value within the next 10 years. Located on the fringe of Western Sydney Parklands with immediate access to both the M5 and M7 motorways; this convenient suburb is expected to rapidly populate with new families and first home owners in the near future. Not only is it perfectly located between the airport and Sydney CBD, but holds new schools, shopping centres and community estates which guarantees a rising population for families and those looking for a place to live. 

Edmonson Park

Property investors and homeowners are betting on Edmonson Park as their suburb of choice when it comes to investing, as the capital gain continues rising and has grown 18.27% within five years. Located only 40kms away from Sydney CBD, it’s easy access by train makes the suburb that much more valuable and is predicted to grow in popularity with approximately 25,000 residents over the next 10 years.  


Situated in the Camden council, 55kms from Sydney’s CBD property investors have had their eyes on Leppington for the past 5 years as the median home prices have risen by a whopping almost 30%. With profits averaging 6.95% per annum over a 3-year period, it is expected that its capital gains will continue to grow in the long term. The beautiful streetscapes of Leppington are set to to house thousands of homes for many diverse families.

What you should consider when looking to build in South West Sydney

It’s no surprise that the South-West region is Sydney’s fastest growing district and is expected to flourish in all components of the area. With so many emerging suburbs on the horizon and upcoming infrastructure plans developing, this can be overwhelming for many new homebuilders who are trying to decide where to buy land. To assist a little with this, we’ve listed some things to consider before deciding what suburb you want to build in.

  • Median housing prices and capital growth
  • Public transport/access to Sydney CBD
  • Distance to the new airport
  • Demographic/culture of each suburb
  • Estate master plans and block sizes 
  • Surrounding suburbs 
  • Community environment and facilities 
  • Longevity and investment predictions 

Although the population in Sydney’s South West is rapidly growing and estates are selling by the second, at Domaine we’ve secured some house & land packages in these areas which may be suited for your exact needs! Find out what we have available here or get in contact with one of our team members to weigh out what homebuilding opportunities we have!

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