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Is It Time For A Home Office?

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If there is one thing we know for certain during these times of isolation and ambiguity, it’s that the constant view of our living room is beginning to get really old - really quickly. The sacred place where we would relax, eat and watch TV has now become the same space where we work late nights and sit in constant virtual meetings. If this sentiment is sounding all too familiar for you, it may be time to invest (or treat yourself) to a new home office.

Although home offices aren’t a new phenomenon, they were once reserved for those who were urged to work after hours and were generally perceived to be a “non-essential” room in most homes. However, in this current climate, there is no denying that remote working and virtual interaction is becoming our new normal. The amount of time being spent in our “workspace” is now matching, if not, surpassing the hours we spend in our kitchen, dining areas and living rooms… and we don’t see this changing drastically once lockdown has been lifted. If you have been pushed into remote working for the past year, chances are that you already have a lot of the necessary equipment required to set up your home office. All you’re going to need is a room and a few finishes to make it the ultimate space.

Find a Desk

First thing’s first; if you’ve personally claimed the communal dining table to get work done, this is your sign to get a desk for yourself. Find a desk that honours your height and will allow you to efficiently work without slouching over or bending your wrists. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy or expensive – just comfortable.

Get a Supportive Office Chair

You may also consider getting yourself a supportive chair to get you on your way. Writing up emails, submitting reports and sitting in consecutive meetings is tedious enough without the restraint of an unsupportive chair. We recommend finding one that will benefit you long term and allow you to walk away from your desk at the end of the day without any back problems.

Make Sure Your Office Isn’t a Wi-Fi Dead Spot

Once you have the foundation of your office established, you’re going to want to ensure that your workspace will inevitably be practical and efficient. To avoid any breaks of connection or camera distractions during your meetings, check your internet connection in advance.

Locate the Perfect Spot for Natural Light

Assuming that spot in your room that captures natural light toward you will make for a much clearer image when interacting with your team and prevent those occasional bursts of rage towards your tech appliances. All in all, you’re going to want to finalise your home office with things that personally compliment your work needs. It really is your space!

Ensure You Have a Quiet Work Environment

Allocating that one small room in your home to set up a calm and quiet work environment, can make the biggest difference to your mood and productivity. Not only will it grant you the space to get everything done without distractions, but it will also allow you to walk out of at the end of the day and greet your living room the way you once did – with contentment and gratification.

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