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New Home Features To Consider

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There are so many things to consider when building a house but choosing the design specifications and features of your new home can be one of the most exciting parts of the building journey! With a variety of different unique home features to choose from, knowing which ones will serve you best long term can be a little tricky. The last thing you want to do is exhaust your budget on things that will date quickly. To ease this decision for you, we’ve put together a ‘house features checklist’ with 7 additions that you should consider when designing your dream home!

Kitchen Island Bench

For a large majority of home designs, an open kitchen will usually be the centre piece to the home. We could write an endless list of worthy kitchen features to consider, but one that we believe really makes a difference is an island bench top. From our long experience as home builders and thinking about the best building features, we can attest that our clients never fail to be thrilled with their choice to include an island bench. Not only does it provide you with more cabinetry and drawers, but also grants space and easy access to the kitchen for bigger families!


Lighting tends to be one of those things that most people limit their options to and don’t consider the vast number of choices they really have. To spruce up your home for a small price, we’re here to tell you that pendant lights are a force to be reckoned with! With so many different colours, shapes, globes and designs to choose from, these minor finishes characterise both the kitchen and living areas to compliment your personal style!

Alfresco Finishes

When mapping out your home, one of the things that is most often overlooked is the alfresco area. Although you could argue that this space doesn’t technically include your home, when all is built and complete, you will soon notice that the outdoor entertaining area serves to play a big role in drawing it all in together! Features that really open up the space and provide a sense of difference to your outside space include floor tiling, downlights and a ceiling fan. If you love to host parties or family gatherings, it’s also a great idea to consider installing a built in BBQ unit as well!

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Media Room

Media or theatre rooms are great if you have plans on housing a number of people or regularly host people at your home. Having these leisure rooms is not only perfect for keeping kids occupied, but also serves as an open space for the little things that often get overlooked such as taking calls, catching up on paperwork or simply just spending some time alone! Most double storey home designs will tend to come with a multi-purpose living area on the first floor but if you are planning to build a single storey home, then having this bonus room will not only come in handy, but also open up the space and feel of your house!

High Ceilings

High ceilings aren’t the most exclusive or newfound feature to home building, but boy, are they guaranteed to make a world of a difference to the look and feel of your house! Whatever your floor plan, style or home design may be, high ceilings will always embellish and open up the internal space of your home. For a minor price increase, high ceilings really do promise you a major improvement. Like they say… raise the roof!

Butler’s Pantry

Following on from the importance of your kitchen; one added feature that we are seeing become more and more popular is the Butler’s Pantry. There is nothing more confining than having to reach your arm into a cupboard to grab your ingredients and people are finding their solution. Butler’s Pantry, also known as the ‘hidden kitchen’ offers you the shelving, space and storage to keep all your Tupperware, groceries and other “clutter” that you may not want on display. If you do have more to spend, including a walk-in butler’s pantry with an in-built sink is the ultimate feature for your home – you won’t want to leave the room!

Security System

Last but definitely not least, if you haven’t considered installing your security system yet, this is your call to do so! Consult your builder about this and ask which kind of security system they offer. Not only do home security systems protect your family, home and valuables, but also can notify you about fires, gas problems and insight to what your pets or kids are doing! Technology proves to be getting smarter by the day, so what better way to test that than on the safety of your home. Life’s too short to be worrying about whether you left the stove on!

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At Domaine Homes, we are always keeping in touch with what features our clients love choosing and also which features they would love to see. Because of this, we have constantly update and curate design specifications that offer the very best while also adhering to our streamline process for quicker and more efficient builds. If that’s not enough, we have also made the selection process completely accessible and transparent to everyone – even if you haven’t decided to build with us yet! 

To design and price your future home, use our online Price Your Home Tool or get in touch with one of our experts today! Helping you kick start your home building journey with ease and certainty… That’s Our Domaine!